Baling Wire

Pango Sales specializes in baling wire products. We carry the most complete product line in the industry. Pango has the infrastructure to ship baling wire anywhere in North America. We have a full line of vertical, horizontal, and two-ram balers and we install, service, and provide preventative maintenance agreements. Leasing agreements are also available.

Single Loop Bale Ties
Finishes: Galvanized, Painted, Black Annealed
Gauges: 16 ga. - 11 ga.
Lengths: 6 ft. - 22 ft.
Package: 62, 125, 250, and 500 wire/bundles coiled and boxed. Each bundle is individually wrapped and numbered to keep them clean and easy to inventory. The Pango Express Pack has two bundles per box. It’s easy to ship and inventory.
Double Loop Bale Ties
Finishes: Bright, Galvanized
Gauges: 14 ga. to 9 ga.
Lengths: 6’ to 22’
Package: 125 and 250 wire/bundles
Auto-Tie Baling Wire
Finishes: Black Annealed, Galvanized
Gauges: 14.5 ga. - 9 ga.
Packages: 50 lb. and 100 lb. Boxes, 1800 lb. Stems

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