Pango services the full spectrum of commercial and industrial manufacturers with the highest quality fine, specialty and industrial wire in the industry. Our combined 75 years of experience offers our customer base unequaled knowledge of both product and application. The following are some of the examples of the wire products we carry:


Agricultural Tie Wire

Electrical Fence Wire

Consumer Goods

Hair Pin Wire

Hat Wire

Kitchen Utensil Wire

Shoe Wire


Badge Pin Wire

Christmas tree Wire

Garland Wire

Jewelry Wire

Lei Wire

Pin Wire


Box Staple Wire

Ice Bag Clsure Wire

Produce Bag Closure Wire

Tag Wire


Braiding Wire

Door Seal Wire

Flexible Shaft Wire

Printing & Publishing

Book Stiching Wire

Calendar Hanger Wire

Spiral Binding Wire

Double Loop Binding Wire

Paper Clip Wiring

Performed Staple Wire

Construction & Hardware

Bee hive Wire

Broom Wire

Brush Staple Wire

Cold Heading Wire

Concrete Reinforcement Wire

Filter Wire

Fire Screen Wire

Hog Ring Wire

Pail Handle Wire


Saliva Ejection Tube Wire

Loom Wire

Bag tie
Carrier wire

We look forward to your inquiry. Our excellent sales and customer service departments will exceed your expectations.

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