We would like share information about Pango Sales, Inc. that helps define the partnership Pango would like to have with our partners in business. Pango was born in 1993 with focus on the ability to provide the highest quality products and service in the packaging and recycling industries:

Pango Vision Statement

To set the standard of excellence by which our industry measures success.

Pango Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality packaging and recycling systems to all companies requiring solution-minded, value-added products and services.

Pango Business Philosophy

Positive Attitude Never Grows Old – This statement sums-up what we believe makes Pango a successful company. We are a sales organization. Every person in our sales organization is an ambassador to our customers, prospective customers, and vendors. Our objective is to provide friendly, timely, and accurate service and communication to all levels of our customer and vendor organizations.

Our Customers

We partner with a range of customers and markets with a focus on a core product line that allows us to be packaging specialist in each category. Our Product Specialist take the time to understand our customers production and application requirements so we can recommend the best solution for short and long term success and cost savings.

Our Vendors

We have established strong vendor relationships that have enhanced our ability to provide quality products and services in an extremely timely manner. Samuel, Signode, AmTopp, Paragon, Cavert Wire, Carolina Strapping, ShurTape, Arpac, and Marathon Equipment are a few of those mills that are the best in the products they make and are the innovators for the next generation of packaging and recycling products and equipment.

  • Pango System Approach
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